12 Interesting Facts of Ginger


Ginger is commonly used in most homes today, either for tea, soup or sushi. This amazing root has so many uses into todays “Healthy living” ideology. However some have taken it a step further and used ginger for more medicinal purposes. What else can this root provide us?

Here are 12 amazing facts about ginger which you probably don’t know!

1. Sickness Remedy

Sickness Remedy

courtesy of: chopra.com


Ginger is a great remedy for morning sickness, motion sickness, nausea and general upset stomachs. This is due to tis carminative effect which helps break up and force out some of the intestinal gas which your body may be storing.

Ginger tea became popular because it helps get rid of nausea. This is due to it not interfering with other medicines and is able to work independently without upsetting your stomach more.