12 Facts You Should Know about Kim Kardashian


There’s no denying that most celebrities live a lifestyle full of glitz and glamor. Take Kim Kardashian for example. From private jets to chef-prepared meals and shopping sprees that last for more than a few hours, her celebrity status secures a vast collection of first-class amenities.

Wouldn’t it be cool to enjoy these same luxuries? Imagine having a charter jet at your disposal to travel around the world. Think about the connections you could make with people from all across the globe. Envision dining at world-renowned restaurants while meeting with your associates and business partners. Achieving this type of lifestyle might seem out of reach because you’re not famous, but truth is, being popular with the media has nothing to do it. In fact, the media portrays her life in a much different way than it really is. Here’s a look at 12 facts about Kim you probably don’t know because the media rarely reports them to the public.

1. She was Taught to Grow Up Fast

She was Taught to Grow Up Fast

courtesy of: www.maissantos.com.br


Yes, Kim hit the party at an incredibly young age, however, much of this can be attributed to her parents. After all, she learned to drive a vehicle at the ripe age of only 14 under the instruction from her father that if her sister ever got drunk, Kim had permission to drive her. So, this means if her sister was drunk, then Kim was there too, at a party, with no supervision, with drinking taking place. It’s no wonder she had to grow up so quickly. When you’re 14 and in a group of people who are all too intoxicated to drive, this makes growing up fast a necessity.