12 Interesting Facts about Warcraft Movie



5. A Decade in the Making

A Decade in the Making

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Some films take awhile to develop. Even though a script might be ready, it takes a tremendous effort and lots of money to get a film project rolling. Back when WoW launched in 2006, the folks at Blizzard knew they had a smash hit and needed to make a movie. However, they didn’t have a script or anyone attached to it until a few years later. At one point they even announced Sam Raimi as being involved in it. But as the dust cleared around all the speculation, the movie finally started coming together in 2014, as principle production began.  Despite these setbacks, the movie has always been a dream of Blizzard’s as the game became the phenomena it is today.

6. The Son of Ziggy Stardust is the Director

The Son of Ziggy Stardust is the Director

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The co-writer and director of the film is Duncan Jones. Duncan has directed several sci-fi movies, including 2009’s Moon and 2011’s Source Code. However, the surprising thing about this young British filmmaker is that he is the son of the legendary David Bowie. He was born in 1971 as Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones, and went by the name Zowie Bowie as a child. As he became a professional, he decided to change back to his first and last name to make a name for himself and not ride on the coattails of his famous father.

7. 3D Printers Get a lot of Use

 3D Printers Get a lot of Use

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Weta Workshop, a world famous effects studio based in New Zealand who worked on such famous projects as the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, designed many of the props for the movie. Richard Taylor, the genius behind the company, used 3D printers to recreate some of the over the top, massive weapons that the Orcs and Humans use in their battles. These printers are slowly becoming more mainstream thanks to pioneers like Taylor.

8. Based on Not One, But Two Novels in the Warcraft Universe.

Based on Not One, But Two Novels in the Warcraft Universe.

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There have been several novels written in the Warcraft Universe, but two of them are the basis for the screenplay. Jones and his co-writer Charles Leavitt looked to the two “prequel” novels set before the setting of World of Warcraft, which deals with the Orc invasion of Azeroth through the Dark Portal. The novels are Rise of the Horde and The Last Guardian. The Rise of the Horde is written by Christie Golden, who has been one of the more influential writers of Warcraft books. The Last Guardian was written by Jeff Grubb, who has written several books and campaigns for other famous fantasy worlds, including Dragonlance, Guildwars and others.


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