12 Interesting Facts about Warcraft Movie



9. Orcs are People, too!

Orcs are People, too!

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The original idea for the film was that it would come from the perspective of the human side of the conflict. Of course, anyone with a familiarity with the game knows that humans are not necessarily the good guys and the Orcs are not necessarily the bad guys. Jones realized this when he came aboard for the film, so he decided to humanize the Orcs a bit more, to show the effects of war on their society as well.

10. Its not Just Axes and Hammers, The Tech is Strong, Too

Its not Just Axes and Hammers, The Tech is Strong, Too

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The tech behind bringing the Orcs to life is as groundbreaking as the practical effects being used as well. Similar to the technology that Avatar used to bring the Na’Vi alive, Warcraft uses state of the art performance capture technology to capture the smallest minutia in the actors faces.  Ben Foster (who plays Medivh in the film) describes the technology as so precise that even the dilation of an actor’s eyes is tracked and applied to digital characters.

11. Warcraft Dodged the Uwe Boll Bullet

Warcraft Dodged the Uwe Boll Bullet

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As anyone who is a fan of video games knows, Uwe Boll is one of the most infamous directors that brings video game themed movies to the screen, including awful films such as Alone in the Dark and Blood Rayne. He contacted the makers of the game early on to try to attach himself to the film, but they just didn’t want to deal with him. Instead they got Duncan Jones instead. This is a huge sigh of relief for Warcraft fans across the globe.

12. Newbies are Welcome, too!

Newbies are Welcome, too!

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While the film adaptation of the Warcraft universe is meant to appeal greatly to fans of the games, the movie is also understandable for people who know nothing going in. The story basically revolves around Durotan, the leader of the Orcish Horde declaring war on the human Alliance over the control of Azeroth. Of course, things get crazy when a third faction arrives to destroy them both. The movie revolves around the conflicts of the three factions and the need for the Orcs and Humans to set aside their differences to face this new, powerful threat. The movie assumes the viewer knows nothing about the initial world, so it is the perfect jumping off point for both new and old fans alike.

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