12 astounding facts about beer you would never believe!


Beer is not only one of man’s best friends but it can also be a hazard. Leaving many men stranded in the pub drinking one after another till morning breaks. However many people don’t look at beer past what the taste is and which brand you like. In fact, whenever people purchase a pressurized beer growler, more often than not they only use it to drink the same type of beer. Beer is likely to be more interesting than you though, here are 12 interesting facts about beer:

1. Hairy Situation

fariy situaton beard beer

courtesy of: greenmoxie.com


Not a lot of things can get stranger than this, a man from Oregon wanted to use a more “local” yeast in his brews. He collects the yeast from his own beard.

Now this may sound disgusting to many of us and I am sure it is. However the principal stays strong when distinguishing if it’s a viable way to collect yeast. Currently most yeast is collected from rotting bits of nature, I guess you could say that this is kind of the same process? Sorta…