12 Amazing U.S. Dollar facts, that you probably didn’t know


As the saying goes, money gets you one more round. Actually, the original saying was “money makes the world go ‘round”, but I’m far more comfortable quoting Moe Szyslak than I am Liza Minnelli. Besides, they both amount to the same thing: money is really, really important.

If you live in the United States, your life is all but controlled by dollars and the amount of which you can gather. However, the vast majority of American citizens know very little about the history of their currency. In an attempt to familiarize you with that little green note which dictates almost every aspect of your life, we have gathered these 12 interesting facts about the US dollars.

Let’s get started.

1. Pocahontas Jackson

Pocahontas Jackson

courtesy of: unclesidneyisnuts995.blogspot.hu


The Women On 20s campaign was started with the intention to get a female face on the twenty-dollar bill, which has featured former president/nutter Andrew Jackson since 1928. While we totally support the cause, we feel it’s necessary to point out that a woman has appeared on the bill in the past. Twenty-dollar bills printed in 1865 bore the image of none other than Pocahontas.

For those unfamiliar with Native American history and/or Disney movies, Pocahontas was a Native American female who saved the life of Englishman John Smith by placing her head upon his just as her father was about to decapitate him. She went on to marry a tobacco planter by the name of John Rolfe before converting to Christianity.

Pocahontas’ time on the note was short-lived and, in typical colonist fashion, her spot was eventually taken by a red-blooded ‘Merican male.